Cold Borsch

Ingredients for 2:

350 g Beet broth
100 g Beets
20 g Carrots
50 g Cucumbers
25 g Green Onions
1 Egg
40g Sour Cream
5g Sugar
5g 3% vinegar
It is best to prepare Cold Borsch when young beets with stalks are available, but it can be done with any young beets


Cut the stalks off the beets, and set them aside.

Wash the beets again, and boil them to readiness (young beets boil quickly).
Peel the beets, and grind them.

Add a bit of vinegar and sugar to this so as to retain its bright color, put into a saucepan and cover with water, and bring to boil.

Add salt and sugar to taste and you can also add a bit more vinegar.

After this has boiled for a bit, let cool.

Boil egg until it is hardboiled, cut it, cucumber, green onions, and greens into small pieces.

Serve the Borsch with an appropriate amount of this mix.

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