30 fl oz (~ 750 ml) water
1 lb any fruits or berries
7-10 tbsp sugar (depending on the fruits’ acidity)
1 pinch citric acid
1-5 tbsp potato flour (the drink’s viscosity depends on this)
½ cup water


Make puree from fruits or berries, and press it. Set aside the juice.
Place the rest (pulp) into a glass or enameled saucepan, pour water, and bring to boil.
Sift, and remove pulp parts.
Dissolve flour and citric acid in 0.5 cup water, and add the sugar and flour–citric acid mix into the hot boiling mix, stirring thoroughly.
Then, bring to boil on a small heating, but do not boil. Pour the juice and mix.
Kisel is ready.


Kisel is a huge variety of drinks. You can drink it hot in winter or cold in summer time. You can use any fruits or berries.
You can make a simplified variant of kisel: just mix flour, sugar, and water, bring to boil, then add any juice and bring to boil, but don’t boil (to avoid destroying vitamin C).
This is a perfect vitamin drink for children.

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