Boiled Sugar


2 lb sugar
0.5 cup water, or milk, or whipping cream
1 orange


Peel the orange, wash the peels, remove the white parts, and cut the peels into small cubes.
Place a deep skillet on medium heating, pour 0.25 cup of water or milk, or whipping cream in it, pour the sugar over this, and bring to boil, mixing a few times.
The sugar will get a crumbly consistency.
After that, it will become light-brown color on the bottom, and you have to mix thoroughly to avoid burning it. The sugar will melt, but avoid fully melting it because you will get caramel. If most of the sugar melts, you will get hard candy.
Pour 0.25 cup water or milk and orange peels in, and mix, continuing heating until the water evaporates.
Rub the dish with vegetable oil, and place the boiled sugar on it. Let cool, then cut.

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