Monastery meal (kasha)

"Kasha" in Russian means a meal from any grains.


1 cup buckwheat
1 cup rice
1 cup pearl
1 cup millet
2 medium shallot onions
2 medium carrots
0.5 – 1 lb mushrooms
2 tbsp vegetable oil

You can have less grains, but maintain the respective proportions.


Cut onions and mushrooms into small cubes, grate carrots.
Fry all of them with vegetable oil, stirring thoroughly, for 3-4 minutes with medium heating.
Pour a layer of one of the grains into a large, deep saucepan; cover it with a carrot-onions-mushrooms layer.
Pour a layer of another grain, and cover it with a carrot-onions-mushrooms layer.
Continue until you use up all the ingredients.
Pour water into the saucepan carefully to avoid mixing up the layers. There has to be twice as much water as the volume of the grains. You can also use vegetable or mushroom broth instead of the water, or add your favorite spices to the water.
Bring it to boil, set to low heating, cover the saucepan with a lid, and boil for about 1 hour, or until all the grains are ready.

Different grains have different cooking times, so you need to soak such grains as lentil, pearls, dried peas, dried beans, for 4-12 hours.
Note 1:
This is just a general recipe, so the grains, mushrooms, and spices you use are up to your taste.

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