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Open Fruit Tyrol Pie


1/3 lb melted butter (or ghee)
1/3 lb sugar powder
3 eggs
1/2 cup kefir (125 g) or buttermilk
1 tsp baking soda
1 lb flour
Fruit, fresh or canned, on your taste
Spices: gloves and cardamom on your taste


Mix the kefir and baking soda together.

Stir the butter and sugar powder until it turns white, then add the eggs and kefir mixed with baking soda.

Far-East Radish


1 large onion
1 lb daikon radish
½ cup vegetable oil


Peel and grate radish.
Peel onions, and cut into short thin stripes.

Put the radish in a flat dish with borders.

Pour oil in a skillet, put the onions in the skillet, and fry until the onion turns gold colored.

Then, pour the hot oil with onions over the radish, stir, let sit for 1-2 minutes, and serve.


Kurabye Cookies


2 cup flour
200 g (or 0.5 lb) butter or margarine
3 tbsp sugar powder
1 egg white
1 pinch vanilla sugar


Warm the butter to 21 C (70 F), blend it a little, add all the other ingredients, and knead for about 5 minutes.

Then, place the dough in a confectionary bag, and make various shapes on a baking sheet.

Pre-heat an oven to 200-230 C (392-436 F), and bake the cookies for 10-15 minutes.
(Do not overcook!)

Vienna Dough


3 eggs
1 cup sugar
0.5 l hot milk
0.5 yeast stick (or ½ pack of yeasts)
1 tsp salt
5 tbsp vegetable oil
2+ lb all-purpose flour


Blend eggs with sugar, add hot milk, and mix well.

Add yeasts, salt, and vegetable oil, to the warm mix and then add flour cupful at a time.

Knead well (until it does not stick to hands).

Meat Roll with Egg Stuffing


1 lb ground meat
0.5 cup breadcrumbs
3 slices white bread
1 cup broth
1 large onion
1 egg
4 hardboiled eggs
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp sour cream
1 large salted or pickled cucumber
1 tbsp cut Italian parsley greens
Salt and pepper on taste


Soak white bread with broth.
Cut cucumber and onion into small cubes, or grate them.
Whip ground meat, soaked bread, egg, sour cream, spices, cucumbers, and onions together.

Kohlrabi simmered with Cinnamon


1 lb peeled kohlrabi
2 tbsp butter, or margarine, or vegetable oil
1.5 tbsp flour
0.5 cup sour cream
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp thinly cur parsley and dill greens
1/3 tsp cinnamon
Salt and ground black pepper on taste


Cut kohlrabi into medium slices, roll with flour, sprinkle with salt, and fry on a skillet for 3 minutes per side with medium heating.

“Sand dough”


2.5 cup flour
300 g (2/3 lb) butter or margarine
3 egg yolks
1 egg
1 cup sugar
0.5 tsp baking soda
Salt on taste
Add-ons (ground nuts, dry fruits) on taste


Mix flour and baking soda.

Blend butter with sugar until the sugar dissolves, add egg yolks one by one and stir them well until an even consistency is reached.

Stir in salt.

Then, pour this mix into the flour, and make dough.

Large Chicken Roll


1 chicken
1/3 lb ham
1/3 lb cheese
2 cloves garlic
3 eggs
1 cup Mayonnaise


Wash chicken, and carefully take off the skin (try to keep the skin whole).
Cover large flat plate with a fabric, and place the skin flat on it.

Remove all bones from the chicken, and cut the meat into thin slices.
Place them in one layer over the skin.

Cook an omelet from the whipped eggs and Mayo on a large skillet.

Smoked Chicken Salad

Ingredients for 2:

1 smoked chicken breast
1 medium onion
2 hardboiled eggs
½ English cucumber
½ can yellow corn (or ¼ lb boiled corm)
4 tbsp 3% vinegar + 1 tsp sugar
1/3 cup parsley greens
Spices and dressing on taste


Peel the onion, and cut into thin stripes.
Brine it with the vinegar-sugar mix.

Cut the chicken meat, eggs, and cucumber into medium cubes.

Stuffed Fish Baked in Foil

Ingredients for 1:

1 whole fish
4 medium onions
Salt, greens (dill, parsley, lemon) and spices (any lemon fish spice mixes) on taste


Cut greens into small pieces, cut peeled onions into half-rings.
Mix onions and greens.

Wash and clean the fish, remove head, fins, inners and black membranes. Rub the spice mix into the inside and outside of the fish.

Put the fish in the center of a piece of foil, and stuff it with a greens-onions mix.

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