Tea Cup (Punch)

Ingredients for 6:

0.5 lb strawberries
0.5 lb raspberry
0.5 lb apricots
1 and a half orange
0.5 lb strong black tea
0.5 lb sugar
1.5 lb mineral soda water


Cut apricots into halves, and de-seed.
Cut strawberries into halves or quarters.
Peel the oranges, and divide into parts. Cut every part in half.
Place all the berries into a panch bowl, pour sugar over them, shake, and place in a refrigerator overnight.



30 fl oz (~ 750 ml) water
1 lb any fruits or berries
7-10 tbsp sugar (depending on the fruits’ acidity)
1 pinch citric acid
1-5 tbsp potato flour (the drink’s viscosity depends on this)
½ cup water


Make puree from fruits or berries, and press it. Set aside the juice.
Place the rest (pulp) into a glass or enameled saucepan, pour water, and bring to boil.
Sift, and remove pulp parts.

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