Red Caviar on Crackers

Red Caviar on Crackers

This recipe is adapted to the modern products available in the United States and Western Europe.

1 can of red (salmon) caviar (available in any East European or Russian ethnic food store for ~$6-8)
~1 dozen crackers (I prefer Breton Multi-grain or Original)
Butter or spread (optional)

Red Caviar on Crackers plate
Put the crackers in one layers on a large flat plate. Put a very thin layer of butter or a spread on the crackers. Using a teaspoon, put about an equal quantity of caviar on each cracker. Serve immediately or chilled. Goes with Champaign (including non-alcoholic) or as an appetizer.

Low-fat version: don’t use butter or spread. Butter is only necessary to prevent crackers from getting wet and soft from the caviar. Prepare only the amount that will be consumed in about an hour.

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