“Fish salad with potato 1”

Ingredients for 8:

1 lb boiled potato
¼ lb any fish (boiled, baked, smoked, or from the can – any fish you have in your kitchen) with no bones
1 large salt cucumber
1 medium onion
2-3 tbsp vegetable oil
Black pepper and salt on taste


Peel potato, cut into small cubes.
Cut the fish, the cucumber and the peeled onions into small cubes.
Mix all the ingredients in a dish, add oil, and mix well once more.


You can add more fish, or more cucumbers on taste.

Some words about Soviet cuisine:
Usual family dishes for different regions of the USSR were different; in some regions people used potatoes more regularly, while in others, noodles were more popular. Everywhere fresh fish is available, it was and is popular. You can imagine that.
Different people of the Soviet Union had different cuisines, and it made “Soviet cuisine” more varied.
Soviet cuisine took the best dishes from national ones, for example, Kharcho soup, khachapuri, and lobio from Georgia, lavash and rainbow trout dishes from Armenia, lula-lebab and pakchlava from Azerbaijan, sprats’ dishes and cepelinai from Baltic republics, plove recipes from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenia, lagman and manti from Kazakhstan, borsch and vareniki from the Ukraine, copytki and pork dishes from Belorussia, and all this based on the multi-region old Russian cuisine.

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