Pea Soup-Puree


2 cup dry peas (or 2 lbs frozen ones)
3 medium carrots
1 large onion
2-3 tbsp tomato-puree
2-3 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt and pepper on taste
1 L (1/4 gallon) water or vegetable broth


Soak dry peas in warm water for 5-6 hours, or overnight.

Pour water or vegetable broth into a large sauce-pan, add the drained peas, and bring to boil.

Peel and grate carrots and onions, stir-fry them with a vegetable oil. When they are ready, add tomato-puree, and stir-fry with low heating, until the tomato turns reddish-gold colored.

Place this mix into the saucepan, and bring to boil.
Cook until the peas are mild.

Then, make puree from this soup, sprinkle with spices, and serve with fresh bread.


If you like, you can add baked garlic puree to the soup.

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