Cold Soup a la Bulgaria


ΒΌ gallon kefir
1 large English cucumber
1 bunch radish
1 garlic clove
1 small bunch Dill
1 small bunch Parsley (optional)
2 large tomatoes and 1 sweet red pepper (optional)
Salt on taste
Pinch of ground peppers (red and black) (optional)


Press garlic, and stir it with salt until an even consistency is reached.
Place the garlic in a large enameled or glass sauce-pan, and pour kefir over the garlic,
Grate cucumber, or cut it thinly.
Cut tomatoes and red sweet pepper (optional) thinly, place them in the sauce-pan.
Grate radish, place in the sauce-pan.
Cut Dill (and, optionally, parsley) thinly.
Stir all of the ingredients well in the sauce-pan.
Sprinkle with red and black ground pepper (optional).
Serve cold with whole-grain bread.


The base of this soup is the kefir-ground cucumber-thinly cut Dill mix.
All of the other ingredients are on your own taste, so you can create your variation of this summer low-calorie-high-vitamin soup.

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