Cheese Soup with Onions


2/3 lb smoked ham
2 large onions
2 tbsp flour
0.5 lb ground cheese
2 egg yolks
Lemon juice, ground red pepper, greens, and sour cream on taste


Cut ham into small cubes.
Cut onions into rings.
Fry ham and onions together until the onions turns golden colored.
Put them into a saucepan, sprinkle with flour, add 1/3 gallon water, salt, pepper, grated cheese, and boil to readiness (melting all cheese), stirring thoroughly. Let cool to 120-130 F (60 C)
Blend sour cream and yolks until an even consistency is reached.
Stir this mix into the soup.
Serve immediately. Sprinkle with greens (Italian parsley, parsley, dill, green onions).

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