Recipes To Treat Your Family Like Nobility

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Hi, my name is Michelle.

Russian Cuisine

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Hi, my name is Michelle and I will share with you here authentic recipes of the millennium-old Russian cuisine. When I started to look into the matter, I found that for some reason, Russian cuisine is not really represented in the United States. One of the reasons that I could guess, is that Russians coming to the United States are usually well educated and make a very nice living as professionals. They simply have no reason to open cheap restaurants on every corner and popularize their national recipes.

About this site

This site is devoted a millennium old Russian cuisine. The main content of the site is recipes located on two blogs.

Why two? When working on the concept of this site I faced a problem. Say, Vienna Steak, as the name hints, is actually from Vienna, that is from Austria. However, it was very popular among Russian nobility for centuries.

The problem was that Russian cuisine consists of two parts: the cuisine of people and the cuisine of nobility. Russian nobility was very well integrated into the Europe and shared the same cuisine with the nobility of Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Great Britain. This sharing often occurred in many forms including sharing chief cooks. For example, the chief cook of count Stroganoff (ever tried "beef stroganoff"?) worked before him for Count de Talleyrand, and before him for the Queen of the British Empire.

So, the cuisine of people is the real authentic Russian cuisine. The cuisine of nobility is the European cream of the crop recipes shared between nobility of the Old World for centuries. Hence two blogs.

So, here we are. Enjoy and Bon Appetite!