Potato balls

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 02/17/2007 - 10:00.

4 lb potatoes
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 lb champignons
½ cup flour
Salt on taste


Peel and boil half of the potatoes (2 lbs), make puree with them.
Peel and grate the second half of potatoes, drain.
Make dough with flour, puree, grated potatoes, and salt.
Make balls from this dough, and boil or fry them.
Wash, slice, and fry the mushrooms with 1 tbsp oil.
Serve potato balls and fried mushrooms.
Optional: pickled vegetables.

Sturgeon-Vegetable Salad

Submitted by Nobility_Cuisine on Sat, 02/10/2007 - 09:56.

¾ lb sturgeon
1 lb boiled potatoes
¼ lb cucumber
¼ lb apples
¼ lb tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, possible)
½ lb Mayonnaise
1 hard-boiled egg
Green salad, salt, and sugar on taste


Boil sturgeon in salt water with ½ tsp lemon juice.
Then drain, cool, and cut into small slices.
Peel potatoes, and cut into medium cubes.
Cut the apples, cucumbers, and tomatoes in same-size pieces.
Mix all ingredients, add mayonnaise, salt, and sugar, and mix very well.
Cover a large flat plate with green salad leaves, and put the salad over them.
Decorate with egg slices, and serve.

Home cheese with caraway seeds

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 02/10/2007 - 09:53.

1/4 gallon whole milk
0.5 lb tvorog
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp sour cream
1 egg
1 tsp caraway seeds
1 tbsp salt


Bring milk to boil in a glass or enameled saucepan, then cool a little, and add tvorog.
Heat with low heating stirring thoroughly, until the milk curdles.
Pour everything from the saucepan into a fabric bag, placed in a colander, and let liquid drain. Keep this liquid for now.
Put everything from the fabric bag into the saucepan, turn heating low, and add sour cream, egg, butter, salt, soaked caraway seeds, and stir until it is an even consistency.
After that, put everything from the saucepan into the wet fabric bag, placed in the colander, and make a round shape.
Cover with a small press, and let cool.
To take cheese out of the fabric bag, place it in the drained liquid for about 1 minute.

Carrot-Garlic Salad

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 02/03/2007 - 13:03.

3 medium carrots
5 garlic cloves
½ cup sour cream, yogurt, or mayonnaise
1 hard-boiled egg
½ tsp sugar
Salt on taste


Peel and grate carrots.
Grate garlic together with salt and sugar.
Mix carrots and garlic.
Pour sour cream over the mix.
Mix well.
Peel the egg, and cut it into half-rings.
Put the carrot-garlic mix in a salad bowl, decorate with egg slices, and serve.

Cutlets from mushrooms, rice, and onions

Submitted by Nobility_Cuisine on Sat, 02/03/2007 - 13:02.

1 lb dried mushrooms
¼ lb rice
3 shallot onions
3 tbsp flour
½ cup vegetable oil


Boil mushrooms in 1 qt water with 1 tbsp salt until readiness.
Drain them (keep the broth for soup), and then grate them.
Boil rice until readiness, and cool.
Peel onions, cut them into small cubes, and fry them until they achieve gold color.
Mix grated mushrooms, boiled rice, fried rice, and flour, add salt and pepper on taste.
Shape into small cutlets, then roll them in flour.
Fry them in vegetable oil.
Serve with fresh vegetables.

Rainbow trout under walnut sauce

Submitted by Nobility_Cuisine on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 09:30.

2 lb rainbow trout fillets cut into 4 pieces, or 4 rainbow trout.
¼ lb peeled walnuts
3 garlic cloves
Salt and parsley greens on taste


Peel and wash the fish.
Bring 2 cups water to boil with greens and spices on taste, put the fish in the boiling water, set to low heating, and boil for 7-13 minutes.
Drain the fish and put on serving plates.
Grate walnuts, garlic, and salt (or use brick and mortar), add 1-2 tbsp hot water, and mix well until a sour cream like consistency together.
Pour sauce over the fish, decorate with parsley greens, and serve with your favorite garnish for fish.
Serve immediately.

Cutlets from dried mushrooms

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 09:30.

1/8 lb dried mushrooms
1/4 lb white bread
1 cup milk
2 medium shallot onions
2 eggs
2 tbsp butter
1.5 tbsp flour
½ cup breadcrumbs
2 cups any broth
4 black peppercorns
1 bay leaf
½ lb potatoes
½ lemon
Salt and pepper on taste


Boil dried mushrooms with ½ - 1 cup water. Cool and grate.
Soak white bread in the milk, drain, and grate mushrooms and bread together.
Peel onions, and cut them into small cubes.
Fry the onions with butter until they achieve a rich gold color. Cool.
Add to mushrooms-bread mix the eggs, fried onions, salt, and pepper.
Shape small flat cutlets from this mix.
Roll them in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs; fry them in a pre-heated skillet with butter for 4 minutes per side on medium heating.
Pour potato sauce over them when serving.

To make the potato sauce, cut 1 onion into small cubes.
Fry the flour on a skillet with butter until it obtains a nutty aroma, then add onions, and fry until the onions turn transparent. Set to the lowest heating, and pour the broth on the skillet by the tbsp, mixing thoroughly.
Add peppers and bay leaf, and boil for 10 minutes.
The sauce has to be thin. Blend, and put into a saucepan, and put potatoes cut into very small cubes on top.
When the potatoes are ready, add salt, sugar (optional), and lemon juice.


You can add 1 tbsp parsley greens into the sauce.
Also, potato sauce is good for meat.

Serve hot cutlets with hot potato sauce.

Traditional Russian Hot Pot

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 01/20/2007 - 10:50.

1.5 lb beef
2.5 lb potatoes
2 large shallot onions
1 cup broth
1 cup sour cream
2 tbsp white wine
4 tbsp butter
Dill and parsley greens
2 bay leaves
Salt and pepper on taste


Peel potatoes, cut into medium cubes, and fry with 1 tbsp butter for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Peel onions, cut into rings, and fry with 1 tbsp butter for 3-5 minutes.
Cut beef into medium cubes, and fry with 1 tbsp butter for 5 – 7 minutes, turning occasionally.
Put the meat, the potatoes, and the onions into pots, add salt and peppers, put bay leaves on, pour the broth over it, cover with lids, and place in an oven.
Cook in an oven for 30 minutes.
After that, add the wine into the pots, and cook for 3 minutes more.
Take pots out, take off the lids, pour the sour cream on top, and sprinkle with greens.
Serve immediately.


A Russian oven (unknown in the Europe) allows for cooking plenty of dishes in pots, and the above recipe is just the most traditional and simplest one.

Beet – Prune Salad

Submitted by Nobility_Cuisine on Sat, 01/20/2007 - 10:48.

2 medium beets
½ cup dried prunes
1 cup walnuts
2 tbsp raisins
Mayonnaise on taste


Boil the beets until readiness, peel, and grate.
Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the prunes, let to sit for 30 minutes, then drain, remove pits, and cut the prunes into small cubes.
Pour ½ cup boiling water over the raisins, let sit for 1 minute, then drain.
Grate walnuts, mix them with all the other ingredients, and mix well.


Submitted by Nobility_Cuisine on Sat, 01/13/2007 - 10:09.

1 herring
1 large shallot onion

For brine:
4 cups water
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp 30% vinegar


Take 2 herring fillets, and remove all bones and skins.
Cut every fillet into 2-4 stripes, and cut the every stripe into shorter 2 halves.
Peel and slice onions.
Put an onion slice on the edge of a fillet stripe, roll it tightly, and then clip it with a toothpick.
Bring water to boil, add salt, sugar, vinegar, and onion rings, and set aside.
Cool the brine; pour it over the herring rolls into a glass or enameled dish.
Place in refrigerator overnight.
The appetizer is ready.