Sorrel and Spinash' Shchi

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 18:23.


1.5 lb (600-700 g) young sorrel and young spinach
3 carrot
2 onion
2 lb fresh mushroom, or 1/2 lb dried mushroom
1 cup barley, thinly ground
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp butter
5 dill stalk
0.5 - 2 cup sour cream, on your taste


Bring to boil 2-3 L (0.5 - 0.7 G) water to boil.

Grate carrots, and put into the boiling water.

Add mushrooms, a barley flour, and chopped dills.

Cook until mushrooms are ready.

Strain the bullion.

Chop mushrooms and an onion, and stir-fry with a butter and a flour.

Return mushrooms with onions to the strained bullion, and boil for 10 more minutes on a low heating.

Meanwhile, wash a sorrel and a spinach, dry out, and chop very thinly.

Boil the sorrel and spinach until a readiness separately, then add to the mushroom bullion.

Bring to boil all together, and turn the heating off.

Serve with a sour cream and the chopped dill.