Blinis with Sour Cream and Brined Steelhead

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 02/14/2015 - 18:35.


8.7 oz (250 g) buckwheat flour
3.5 oz (100 g) sour cream
1 egg
4–5 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 tsp dry yeast
Pinch of sugar
Pinch of salt

For stuffing:

7 oz (200 g) steelhead trout filet
1/2 cup chopped dill
1/2 lemon, juice
2 tbsp vegetable oil
10–15 peppercorns, ground


Cut the steelhead trout fillet into small-to-medium pieces.

Blend the olive oil, lemon juice, dill, and ground peppers together, and pour over steelhead, stirring.

Set aside for 20-30 minutes.

Pour the yeast into 6.2 oz (175 ml) lukewarm water, and stir.

Sift the flour, salt, and sugar together into a dish for a dough.

Add the egg and water with yeasts to flour, and make a batter.

Set aside for 30 minutes, then pre-heat a skillet (or 3-4 skillets), and fry blinis.

Spread the sour cream on top of each blin, put a portion of fish pieces, and roll.

Serve immediately.

Note: Maslenitsa week starts on Monday!