Family Dinners 
for under $1.75 per Person:
A Whole Month of Recipes

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I have an overworked husband and two picky children. Guess what? Every day I have to cook a healthy, tasty and inexpensive dinner without spending hours in the kitchen. Do you?

Do you have the same problem?

I think you do. We all do. Year after year I faced the process of everyday careful choosing what to cook. Will my daughter consider it healthy enough to eat? Will my son consider it tasty enough? Will my husband eat it, or will he frown and grab junk food instead? He knows the repercussions, but still... Oh, choices, choices... Why be uncertain?

Eventually, I ended up with a list of recipes that work every time. Of course, you cannot use the same recipe every day, you have to rotate them, but once you got enough of them, the daily choice becomes easy. So I prepared a month of recipes for every day and I'd like to share them with you. They are healthy, they are tasty, they are easy to cook, and they are inexpensive. Every day, the recipes allow cooking a dinner for the whole family for less than $7; that's less than $1.75 per person.

Let me get one thing straight: this is not a diet. No soy hamburgers, no pulverized swamp grass drinks, this is not medicine, you know, this is food. A kind of meals that our grandmothers were feeding their families for centuries. Except that they are easy to cook. Those are the recipes for the busy working moms like you and me.

When making these recipes, I followed five simple principles:

Recipes eBook

So, what's in the book? You get 62 pages of dinner recipes for four.

For every day you have a salad and a main dish. Every recipe contains a complete list of ingredients with the exact quantities, how to make it, and a detailed estimate of the cost of all the ingredients personally checked in different local supermarkets. 

Each recipe is located on a separate page, so that you can easily print it.

Also, the introduction contains several recipes for breakfasts. Would your son like a "James Bond breakfast"?

If you prefer a printed and bound traditional book, you can buy this book separately here at CafePress. But in my opinion, eBook is a better option. To start from it is in a convenient and portable PDF format that can be read almost anywhere including Windows, Mac, Linux, and most PDAs. And, of course, you can print it and read it the traditional way.

Sounds good? There is more. Have I mentioned that from time to time, I like to cook something exquisite for the family? You, probably, like that too. If you buy my eBook of recipes now, I'll give you two bonuses.

Free Bonus #1: "Fourteen Recipes from Count Stroganoff"

The first one is "Fourteen Recipes from Count Stroganoff". Ever heard of "beef stroganoff"? That's his. He was a renown gourmet and expert in French, Russian, and Eastern European Cuisines. Here are a few facts about him and his family:

And the nice thing is that you don't have to be as rich as count Stroganoff to enjoy the meals by his recipes. Most of the recipes in this bonus eBook have quite a reasonable cost. This book alone costs $11.97 at CafePress, and you get it free!

Free Bonus #2: "Soft Landing Your Family Budget

The second bonus is my eBook "Soft Landing Your Family Budget: 14 Steps to Manage Downsizing Family Finances in Downsizing Times" The title tells it all. The book is actually published, and you can buy a printed copy at Amazon. Or you can get it in eBook form as a free bonus to my eBook "Dinners for the Family of Four Under $1.75 per Person". Here is a little quote from the introduction to "Soft Landing":

"Today many families find themselves in a complicated financial situation. Families who lived on two salaries, have to adjust to only one. Families who counted on stock options, now have to live on salary. And salaries don't grow today as they used to, if they grow at all. Despite all the money you still bring home, and all the efforts you apply, you are still slowly, but consistently going down. These are the families, this book is written for."

Ready to Order?

So, here is what you get:

Sounds reasonable? Total value of $40.91 for only $14.97.

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