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Cabbage Stew - 2

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 02/04/2017 - 17:17.


2 lb cabbage
2 medium onion
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp flour
1/2 cup meat broth
Salt and black pepper on your taste
3 tbsp oil


Shred a cabbage thinly, and put into an enameled or glass sauce-pan.

Add 1 tbsp an oil, 1/2 cup a meat broth (or a water), cover the sauce-pan with a lid, and cook cabbage for about 40 minutes in a medium-to-low heating.

Meanwhile, peel and chop onions, and stir-fry with 1 tbsp the oil until a color of the onion turns gold.

Add fried onion, a tomato paste, a vinegar, a salt, a sugar, bay leaves, and peppercorns to the cabbage.

Stir well, and stew for 10 minutes together.

Stir-fry a flour and 1 tbsp oil until a nut aroma increases.

Then, add the fried flour to cabbage, stir well, and bring to boil.

Boil for 1 more minute stirring permanently, then turn the heating off, and serve cabbage.


This is a standalone dish, but it can be a garnish, and this is a basic recipe for many dishes with cabbage.

Salmon and Beet Appetizer

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 01/28/2017 - 19:43.


7 oz (200 g) lightly salted salmon
1 medium beet, boiled
3.5 oz (100 g) thinly ground cheese
3.5 oz (100 g) sour cream
2 medium gherkin
1 medium red onion, sliced
Salt on your taste
Fresh parsley for decoration


Grate a boiled beet on a large grater.

Chop gherkins.

Slice a salmon thinly.

Stir the beet, gherkins, a ground cheese, a salt, and a sour cream together.

Place a mix in a serving bowl.

Place salmon slices on top, cover with the onion rounds, and decorate with a parsley.

Serve immediately.

Vegetables in Milk Sauce

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 01/21/2017 - 22:25.


1 cup chopped carrot
1 cup chopped turnip
1 small cabbage head, cut into quarters
1/2 lb small potatoes, sliced
2 tbsp butter
1.5 tbsp flour
3-6 cup milk
Salt on your taste

For dough:

2 egg
1 tbsp water
3 - 5 tbsp flour

For sauce:

2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour


To make a dough, blend an egg, a water, and a flour together, until the dough is stiff.

Roll it out into a long strip, and cut into 2 long strips alongside.

Blend an egg's yolk with 1 tsp water, and spread on the strips.

Arrange the strips criss-cross on an oven-safe skillet, of same size as a serving plate, and brown the dough in an oven.

Boil vegetables separately, using separate pans, in a salted water, until they are almost ready, and then drain them.

Add 1 cup a hot milk into the each pan with the vegetables.

Mix 2 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp flour, and add 1/4 of this mixture into the pans, stir well, and boil on a low heating until a sauce turns thick, and vegetables turn tender.

To serve, place a dough "divider" on a serving plate, and place vegetables in sauce into sections.

Serve immediately.

Cabbage Stew

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 17:32.


2 lb cabbage, shredded
2 medium onion
2 medium carrot
1 tsp ground black peppercorn
2 tbsp tomato paste
5 clove
2 bay leaf
5 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt on your taste


Peel and chop onions and carrots.

Stir-fry with a vegetable oil, until carrots turn soft.

Put a cabbage into a large sauce-pan, add 3 tbsp a water, bay leaves, cloves, and peppers.

Stir well, and simmer on a low-medium heating for about 30 minutes after the water starts to boil.

After that, put the stir-fried vegetables into the sauce-pan, add a tomato paste, a salt, and peppers, stir well, and simmer until the cabbage turns soft.

Let to sit for about 10 minutes, and serve.


This dish is standalone one, or a part of a complex garnish.

Chicken a la France

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 01/07/2017 - 20:01.


18 oz (500 g) chicken breast
5.2 oz (50 g) ground cheese
2 egg
3 tbsp flour
3 tbsp mayonnaise
Chopped dill, salt, and pepper on your taste
Vegetable oil for frying


Slice a chicken breast into thin pieces, tenderize them, and sprinkle with a salt, and a pepper.

Set aside.

Whip eggs, a mayonnaise, a flour, and greens together.

Put every chicken slice over a tablespoon of a whipped egg mix.

Pre-heat a skillet.

Put the chicken slice on the skillet, the egg mix down.

Sprinkle chicken slice with a cheese, and pour 1 tbsp egg mix on top.

Fry chicken on both sides until a readiness.

Serve hot with any garnish.

Calamari Salad

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 12/31/2016 - 15:32.


1 lb peeled calamari
1 large sweet onion
3-4 hard-boiled egg
Salt and ground black pepper on your taste
3-4 tbsp non-fat sour cream


Bring ½ G a water to boil, sprinkle with a salt, and put thawed calamari into the water.

Boil for about 2 minutes. (Do not overcook!)

Peel onions and eggs, and shred them thinly.

Dry the calamari out, and chop thinly.

Stir all ingredients together with a sour cream, salt, and a pepper.

Let to sit for 10-15 minutes, and serve.


This is one of of popular light salads.

Fitness Salad

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sat, 12/24/2016 - 15:20.


4-5 celery stalk
1 handful fried peanut
1 oz cashew nut
4.2 oz (120 g) prune
Greens: parsley, cilantro, rucola, on your taste
3-3.5 oz (80 – 100 g) Feta cheese
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt, ground black pepper, soy sauce on your taste


Take a deep transparent salad bowl.

Wash a celery, and chop it into medium cubes.

Chop greens separately.

Crumble nuts.

Cut a cheese into medium cubes.

Cut pitted prunes into quarters.

Blend a lemon juice, a soy sauce, a vegetable oil, and a pepper.

Stir all ingredients in a bowl, and a salad is ready.


You may use a boiled chicken, or a seafood, or raisins and dried fruits, as additional ingredients.

Home-Made Hard Cheese

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sun, 12/18/2016 - 21:24.


4.5 G (18 L) fresh milk
1 can (7 9z) plain yogurt
5.2 oz (150 g) fresh butter
2 egg
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt


In a large enameled or glass sauce-pan, stir 4 G (16 L) milk and a yogurt.

Let to sit 2 days in a warm place.

After that, let it to drip in a colander, covered by a clean fabric.

Put a received tvorog back in the sauce-pan.

Put eggs, a butter, a salt, and a baking soda into the sauce-pan, and stir well with the tvorog.

Bring a mix over a very low heating to 160 F (70 C), and keep this temperature for about 30-60 minutes.

Then, rub any proper dish with the butter, and put the mix into the dish evenly.

Place dish in a cold place, but not in a freezer, for about 5 days.

After that, roll a cheese in a piece of clean fabric (or, in a piece of a parchment), and keep in the cold place for about 10-15 days.

Then, the cheese is ready.


You may keep cheese after that in a 20% salt brine.

Salad from Green Vegetables with Breadcrumb Sauce

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sun, 11/27/2016 - 06:54.


7 oz (200 g) green salad, torn (or green vegetables, peeled and shredded)
2-3 tbsp bread crumbs
4-5 tbsp vegetable oil
7 fl oz (200 ml) boiling water
3-5 dill stalks, chopped


Pre-heat a skillet with a vegetable oil.

Stir-fry breadcrumbs for about 3-5 minutes.

Boil shredded vegetables for about 1-3 minutes in a boiling water, and let to drip, if you cook green vegetables.

Or, press a torn green salad a little, until it gives a juice.

Stir-fry the vegetables, bread crumbs, and a chopped dill, let to sit for a couple minutes, and serve.

Salad with baked pork and cheese

Submitted by Russian_Cuisine on Sun, 11/20/2016 - 08:45.


7 oz (200 g) baked pork
5.2 oz (150 g) any cheese
3 hard-boiled egg, peeled
Chopped greens on your taste
Pinch of salt
3 tbsp mayonnaise, or other white sauce
Green salad leaves, to tear


Slice a piece of a baked pork into thin short strips.

Grate cheese on a large grater.

Chop hard-boiled eggs thinly, and sprinkle with a salt.

Stir all ingredients, and serve over leaves of a green salad .